Denver Drummer: Jason Jones: About Me: Jazz, Indie, Experimental, Rock, Blues

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About Me

I am a musician/drummer working out of the North Denver/Boulder metro area.


I have been a lover of music all my life and began drumming at the age of 12 when my Father gave me my initial lessons on the instrument. Since then I have studied extensively with the great jazz and big band drummer Kevin Gianino in Saint Louis, Missouri and at the renowned University of North Texas School of Music.


Like anyone, I have my musical preferences (jazz, blues, alternative, experimental, alt-country, americana) but I remain open to any situation involving a sincere group of musicians trying to accomplish something great.


Additionally, I hold a BFA degree (cum laude) in Visual Art from Colorado State University and find that my contemporary art training greatly contributes to the quality and creativity of my playing.


Musical Philosophy

Put simply, I play for the song. I strive for musicality above all and to serve my fellow musicians to the best of my abilities. This is true no matter the style or situation.

Simplicity need not be boring. Complexity need not be obvious.



I play pro-level Gretsch drums and Zildjian cymbals.